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Each lecture contains some sample problems that require machine learning analysis, and each offers a different and challenging problem that you will solve using some of the principles you've learned from this course. Now that you have a better idea of what machine learning is all about, you will learn how to apply it in practice. After that, you will be ready to tackle some of the more interesting problems that involve real world data sets.Q: F#: Create a window to play the sound I am using F# to make my program's GUI, I can create a button in the form and when it is clicked it calls a function. However, what I want to do is that when the button is clicked a window will appear to play the.wav file. A: You will need a thread to play the sound, for that you can use the ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem() method. And then there is also a WAVE file format, which you can convert to audio stream using the WaveFileReader. You can find a good guide here: Good luck! Q: Vue.js: How to pass a dynamic route to a component I have to pass a dynamic route to a component, is it possible to do that? vue.component('movie-recommendation-list', { data: function() { return { recommend: { dynamicRoute:'recommend/' } }; }, template: "{{ recommend.dynamicRoute }}", props: ['recommend'] }); Vue.component('recommend-movie', { template: 'Yay! It works!', props: ['movie'] I expected to see'recommend/23' rendered but nothing. You should use the :path prop, the dynamicRoute is just a string.




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