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Category:Neurology Category:Muscular dystrophyThe influence of domain-specific knowledge on implicit memory. Most memory studies have revealed strong implicit memories, often using tasks that are not designed to tap explicit knowledge. This paper argues that this approach can lead to a biased view of implicit memory, due to a combination of selection effects and task characteristics. A series of experiments were conducted to examine the influence of domain-specific knowledge on implicit memory. The hypothesis that explicit knowledge influences implicit memory was not supported, as the influence of explicit knowledge was not consistently observed. An analysis of task-specific processes suggested that the influence of explicit knowledge on implicit memory is best detected in tasks requiring more deliberate processing. Further discussion of the methodological problems of implicit memory research is provided.Field of the Invention This invention relates to an improved arrangement and method for joining a pair of shiplap corner boards together. Description of the Prior Art Many shiplap corners have been used for many years. These have been made by cutting a shiplap corner out of a piece of stock and gluing the pieces together. This has resulted in a time consuming and expensive process. In order to overcome this problem, there has been developed the present invention which uses a single piece of board or sheet stock as the corner member. There have been many patent issued for this single piece shiplap corner member, such as Nos. D 339,441, D 347,971 and D 374,401. In these patents there are illustrated methods of cutting the shiplap boards which are more efficient. The single piece shiplap corner member is also illustrated in the following patents: ______________________________________ Patent No. Inventor Issue Date ______________________________________ 3,906,439 Sorensen Sept. 23, 1975 3,917,857 Fink Oct. 6, 1975 3,962,892 Stout Jan. 20, 1976 4,043,491 Brigg Nov. 28, 1977 4,049,860 Hickman Sept. 20, 1977 4,182,252 Mertz Jan. 8, 1980 4,194,859 Pickett Mar. 25, 1980 4,214,877 Sargent July 29, 1980 4,315,691 Newell Feb. 9, 1982 4,335,991 Hudgins June 22, 1982 ______________________________________ As can be seen by referring to these patents, there is a significant effort to design an efficient method of cutting the sh